Pumping, Reimagined

Pumping, Reimagined

Pumping, reimageined Pump anywhere, in any position
  • Pump Anywhere, in Any Position

    Spill-proof - even in downward dog

  • Designed for Comfort – and More Milk

    Our most advanced pump yet, with new smart features for more comfort and output

  • Pump & Store or Pump & Pour

    The only pump with self-sealing, spill-proof Milk Bags and reusable Containers

  • Quiet & Hassle Free

  • Pump Smarter

In The News

“It's a game changer”

“The Willow 2.0 breast pump lets women live their lives while they pump.”

“The newly released 2.0 version offers all the cordless, hands free pumping benefits of the original and it's simpler than ever to use.”

“One of TIME’s 25 Best Inventions”

“It more than lives up to the hype”

“So is my review a rave? It really is.”

“It’s allowed me to reclaim my time (and my sanity).”

“How this revolutionary hands-free breast pump is changing new moms’ lives”

“A mom-first company”

“This is the one product all new moms should invest in.”