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Meet the incredible Willow Women who inspire us every day

Molly Waitz

Meet Molly

New motherhood is a marathon, but this first time mama finished the ultimate race
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Katie Gong

Meet Katie

She’s bending wood and gender stereotypes to match her vision
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Ruth Celestin, MD

Meet Ruth

This mom completed Flight Surgeon training while breastfeeding her newborn
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Adele Reinking

Meet Adele

This mom embarked on an 11-day Arctic expedition AND figured out a way to pump at 50 degrees below
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Willow Women

Pursuing Your Passions

“I’m a chef and I’ve been able to run my company and work events without the fear of not having milk for my baby.”
Danielle D.


“Never expected to be able to travel to Japan without my 5 month old, but because of this pump, I could... I hiked Mt. Fuji!”
Marina D.


Meet Adele
This mom embarked on an 11-day Arctic expedition AND figured out a way to pump at 50 degrees below
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Adele Reinking

Date Night

“I was able to go on a date with my husband to see the Aladdin Broadway musical and pump during the event!!! Just amazing!”
Divina T.


“We were lucky enough to be on the field during Super Bowl warm ups...and I was able to discreetly [pump] without even leaving the field.”
Hayley B.


“I was concerned about [breastfeeding] because of my job as an attorney and my side-hustle as a football official...I was able to continue meeting with clients, pumping in the car, and the craziest place I ever pumped with Willow was in the locker room during halftime of a football game!”
Katie M.

Pursuing Your Passions

“I went out to Burning Man and pumped on the playa. Someone thought it was part of my outfit.”
Skye M.

Sharing the love

“I made my first donation to a nonprofit milk bank—1.5 gallons that will get pasteurized and prescribed to premature babies in neonatal intensive care in the region.”
Cait B.

Saving Lives

"I work in a surgical trauma ICU and I did CPR while wearing my Willow!"
Amy C.

Breastfeeding Journey

“I was able to exclusively breastfeed my twins even after going back to work [and] continued to breastfeed until they were 16 months old. Having three kids under three was the hardest thing we've ever done – and breastfeeding would have been impossible without the Willow.”
Jessica V.

Back to Work

“I did not know how I was going to continue to pump when I returned to work. Takes me literally three minutes to put the pumps on and I’m able to keep going on my route [as a mail carrier].”
Breanne M.