Ruth Celestin, MD

  • Georgia
  • Mom to Noémie
  • @prettyprescription

This mom completed U.S. Air Force Flight Surgeon training while breastfeeding her newborn daughter

Ruth is a first-time mama and plastic/reconstructive surgeon who officially earned her U.S. Air Force Flight Surgeon wings while navigating new motherhood and breastfeeding.

With Willow, Ruth found the freedom to pump during drills, hands-free and under her uniform — without anyone around her the wiser.

“Willow allowed me to keep everything discreet, pump quietly in a designated space, and keep my milk clean and cool due to those easy-to-store Milk Bags. I returned home with a cooler full of milk for my little one!”

Ruth was busy building her private practice at the same time motherhood called, and she worried how she’d manage it all. But Willow allowed her to continue breastfeeding after returning to work — something that was so important to her.

“The truth is without this pump, my breastfeeding journey would have ended a long time ago. Being a solo practitioner meant I needed to go back to work fairly soon after the birth, so struggling with milk supply when my child was only 8 weeks old would have been devastating. Willow allowed me to pump regularly even during surgery, which increased my milk supply despite the stress of work and my military duties.”